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Mark Esparagoza

Rocco's Bramble Ramble is a single-player deck-building strategy game with a top-down 2D exploration game. It was designed to make the player feel powerful. This was created for the 2023 Global Game Jam at Seattle Indies.

For this project, I was the Systems Designer to design the cards, enemies, encounters, pacing, player progression, and enemy progression.


• Systems Designer

Team Size

•  8 People


•  48 Hours

Check out the game here!

The Journey


Combat Design Document

This is a combat document I created to plan out the game mechanics and communicate with our programmer on how I would like combat to work. It details the combat loop, how cards work, and enemy mechanics. Some items are highlighted with a specific color to specify what needs to be implemented into the game. (Green = Most important, Yellow = Good to have, Red = Not needed)

Combat Design Spreadsheet

This is a combat spreadsheet to detail and plans of every card, enemy progression, and encounter throughout the game.

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